Frequently asked questions

On this page you can find questions people asked us. If your answer is not here, use our contact form, or email us

In the shopping cart I see all taxes are included, how much is the tax I pay?

We are a company based in Holland. This means we have to charge 21% VAT for customers within the European Union. If your billing and shipping address is not within the European Union, you will not pay any VAT.

Can you put a print on the balloons?

Yes, all BubbleXL balloons op to 180cm can be printed. The minimum number of printed ballons is 10 for one color. For multi color the minimum number is 50.

What kind of materials are used in the balloons?

All balloons are made of natural latex. Latex balloons are composed of natural rubber sap and small amounts of non-toxic coagulants and pigments. They are 100% bio-degradable. When exposed to outdoor elements they are completely consumed by soil or water micro-organisms at a rate quicker than that experienced by an oak leaf under identical conditions. In much the same way maple syrup is harvested from the maple tree, the production of latex balloons contributes positively to the preservation of tropical rain forests because we incentive the local habitants to cultivate the latex tree instead of cutting them.

Can you fill the balloons with helium?

Yes, you can! We had some questions about how much balloons you need to lift 100kg. One cubic meter helium gas can lift about 1.1 kilograms.

Do you sell helium?

Sorry, we don't. Helium is a gas that is kept in cilinders. We cannot ship these cilinders. Please check out a local gas supplier to provide helium. Check out your national yellow pages, search for "helium gas"

How do I blow up these huge balloons?

You can not blow these balloons up with your mouth. You will need a pump of any kind. This can be a bicycle pump, or an electric pump. For the larger balloons with a wider neck, you can use an electric leaf blower as found in the accessoires: https://bubblexl.com/products/air-blower

 Do you deliver to my Country?

When you look at your shopping cart, you can select your country and see what the shipping costs are. We hope we listed your country too! If not, let us know! We are based in Europe, The Netherlands, and balloon delivery to this continent is most common for us.

How much are the shipping costs

The shipping costs are dependent on the weight of your order and the country of destination. If you go to your shopping cart and select your country, the shipping costs will be displayed automatically.

How long will it take for the order to arrive?

This depends on the destination. We ship all product from Holland. Normally, within Europe, the packages will arrive withing a week after we received the payment.